Spark Bikes – Mountain Bike & E Bike Information Australia

This site will be developed to create informational content on everything to do with biking, mountain biking, ebikes, general biking, maintenance and reviews in Australia. With so many people now looking to change their lifestyle, along with travel restrictions throughout the country, we aim to provide basic yet accurate information on how to get started, what gear you’ll need, and general tips.

Biking Tips & Advice

We will provide content in both video and written format with “how to” guides on maintenance and preparation along with product reviews and buying guides for all types of bikes including:

  • mountain bikes
  • electric bikes
  • road bikes
  • children bikes,
  • women’s and men’s bikes
  • urban bikes
  • and more


We will also provide reviews of bikes, products and services we’ve used throughout our many years of being involved in both leisure and competition biking. With so many new products coming on the market all the time, it’s hard to know what is quality and what is not.

Where To Ride

One of great thing about biking is that it’s cheap, and we have such a vast area we can ride on both road and trail, relatively safely here in Australia. We will look at some of the best travel and biking destination, and also review trails and tracks that you might find interesting.


One of the great things about the bike industry is that new technology is always being developed. In particular, ebikes have become incredibly popular in the last few years. We’ll also look at electric bikes, conversions and other aspects of this tech.

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